Blog ¡A celebrar el Carnaval en Francia!

The Chipiona Carnival takes place from February 26 to March 6, 2022. It is a celebration that has been declared of Tourist Interest in Andalusia and is considered one of the most important canavales in the province of Cádiz. A quintessential chipionera festival that keeps its roots and essence intact.

This carnival has a long tradition in the municipality, which includes multiple cultural activities and typical Chipione cuisine is tasted. The program has activities as varied as the Contest for the Best Compliment to Chipiona, the Poleá con Coscorrones or the Contest for the Best Cuplé. The great parade, at the close of the carnival, is the most relevant act of these festivals, due to the quality and quantity of groups that parade.

On these dates there are numerous gastronomic events that are held during the Chipiona Carnival. Some traditional dishes that range from stew, pringá, fried fish, poleá, cabrillá, rib, pulpá, musjilloná and pajarillá.

There is a record of this "town festival" since 1896. After the civil war and during the dictatorship, carnival parties were banned in Spain. It resurfaced again in 1984, maintaining the roots and essence of the Cádiz carnival. Since then, it has been held annually and has consolidated, over the years, into a unique show in the province.

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