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The quality of life here, our urban planning, heritage, festivals, traditions, gastronomy and local products, landscapes and nature have made it possible to be included in the list of Magical Towns. The Institute of Local Development and Social Studies (IDL) is the national non-profit entity that promotes the Magical Towns of Spain Rural and Local Development initiative.

We are located in the northwest of the province of Cádiz, and we radiate joy, magic and history (or that’s what they say hehehe).

In the spring and summer seasons its population multiplies, as you can take full advantage of the wonders of the Roman-influenced town of Chipiona.

Why it is a Magical Town

This is a list of some of the attractions that make Chipiona a Magical Town and the reasons why you should visit it.

Fishing corrals survive on the beaches of Chipioneras, a fishing art that has been passed down from generation to generation

We have flagship beaches crowned by two lighthouses. One of them reaches 69 meters, making it one of the highest in Spain and the world, which can be visited up to its dome and where a family resides. It was built between 1863 and 1867, by the civil engineer Jaime Font y Escolá. Mainly, oyster stone was used.

The Sanctuary of the Virgin of Regla, in which the Patroness watches over and takes care of her people. It is located between Camarón Beach and Regla Beach. The Franciscan community, which lives in the monastery, takes care of the Sanctuary.

A 13th century castle, located in the historic center of Chipiona, houses a very interesting iconography.

We have a coastline almost 12,000 meters long. The different beaches are characterized by their fine white sand, as well as their waters that are beneficial for the body and ideal for fishing and water sports.

Gastronomy. We are an ideal destination to savor the sea and the garden in each of our dishes, washed down by the most famous muscat in the world.

We have two festivals of Tourist Interest in Andalusia: the Carnival and the Patron Saint Festival of Regla, but also the Pilgrimage of the Pinar.

Rocío Jurado. The Chipionera singer always bore the name of the city where she was born. Currently, Chipiona pays tribute to him with the Rocío Jurado Interpretation Center and a route.

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