This town on the northwest coast is known by many for its beaches, of course. The summer atmosphere is unique, pleasant and for all ages. It also has many other attractions. The great Rocío Jurado was born there, an artist who proclaimed the benefits of her native town wherever she went. Not in vain, Chipiona dedicates monuments, avenues and an Interpretation Center to her so that the artist’s legacy is not lost.

Chipiona also triumphs with a wine that the Atlantic ‘washes’: muscatel. A museum is also dedicated to him. And its Lighthouse, famous for being the tallest in Spain, sixteenth in Europe and twenty-first in the world. To this we must add its wonderful natural environment, its flower greenhouses and the fishing pens that can be seen on its shores when the sea goes out.

In short, Chipiona has different attractions to include it in the top positions of some rankings. What may surprise you is the curious list in which it has been included: Chipiona is among the happiest towns in Spain. Obviously, everything mentioned above will have had a lot to do with it.

The consulting firm YouGov carried out a study together with Azucarera to find out which are the happiest towns in Spain. The analysis was prepared with the vote of more than a thousand people. They have chosen the 35 happiest towns in Spain, whose ‘Top 10’ includes five towns near Jerez, one of them is the Chipionero municipality, specifically, the third in the ranking, only behind Ronda and Nerja.

Tarifa and Zahara de los Atunes are the other two towns in the province that are part of the top ten and also Conil (in position 15) and Vejer de la Frontera (25). These five towns in the province have in common the climate and the values of their people. The study considers that Chipiona is also influenced by his philosophy “they know how to live”; in Tarifa, Zahara de los Atunes and Conil, its natural environment; and in Vejer de la Frontera, the beauty of the town.

The happiest towns in Spain
Santillana del Mar
San Vicente de la Barquera
Zahara de los Atunes.
Other influencing factors are a warm and friendly atmosphere, a slow and calm pace, free of stress, enjoyment of the outdoors and local cuisine…

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