Chipiona is characterized by enjoying a varied gastronomy, which combines land (orchards and vineyards) and sea, supplying top quality ingredients that fill their dishes with color and flavor.

Fish and shellfish are protagonists in traditional Chipionera cuisine, in terms of their quantity and diversity in the preparation. Products that can be tasted both grilled and in exquisite seafood stews, going through the typical fried foods and seasonings.

The gilthead bream, sea bass, sorrel, chough, bream, sole, turbot, cuttlefish, sea urchins, prawns, clams, cañaillas, razor clams and a long etcetera stand out.
      The fertile sands of Chipiona and its climate make it possible for Chipiona to grow garden products traditionally considered one of the best in the area: tomatoes, carrots, cauliflower, among others, used both in local cuisine and for export.

      Among the fruits, oranges, lemons, watermelon, melon and, of course, the muscatel grape stand out, with which the famous Chipiona muscatel wine is made, recognized both nationally and internationally and awarded with a variety of specialized prizes ( Mosque Awards, International Challenge du Vin, Iberwine…).

      Currently, three local companies are dedicated to the production of Moscatel in Chipiona: the Cooperativa Católico Agrícola Winery, the José Mellado Martín Winery and the César Florido Winery. In addition, whites, reds, fine olorosos, cream and vinegar are also produced.

      Chipionera confectionery is perhaps less well-known, but it is not for that reason of lesser quality. Made by hand by pastry chefs of great tradition.

Typical chipionero dishes
Chipionera collard greens
potatoes with chocolate
Dogfish in tomato or yellow
stripe in paprika
Iberian meat with muscatel
baked sea bass
Shrimp fritters
fried nettles

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