At one in the afternoon on Friday, August 12, the official presentation ceremony of the thirteenth edition of the Cultural Week dedicated to Rocío Jurado in her hometown took place at the Chipiona Castle.

The event was chaired by the mayor of Chipiona, Luis Mario Aparcero, and the Culture delegate, Sebastián Guzmán, and was attended by most of the Municipal Corporation.

The programming dedicated to remembering the universal chipionera artist is made up of four days that will be held at 10:00 p.m. in Andalusia square. It will begin on Monday, August 22, with a show by local flamenco guitarist Juan Gómez, which will feature verses by Manuel Guardia, singing by Rocío Ruiz, dancing by Raquel Villegas, percussion by Carlos Merino and flute by Raúl Bernal. .

The activity on Tuesday 23rd will be starred by the chipionera Aurora Caraballo and her dance team with the accompaniment of Juan de la María and Jesús Castilla on cante, Niño Manuel on guitar and David Becerra on percussion.

On Wednesday 24, attendees will be offered two screenings. Firstly, the 2022 short film 'Bailando sobre un carnation', with choreography by Tatiana Belchi and performance by Bárbara Ruiz. Next, you can watch the 1983 Spanish Radio Television program 'From Chipiona'.

And the final touch will come on Friday the 26th with the performance of the singer Erika Leiva. The artist from the Línea de la Concepción will stage her tribute show to Rocío Jurado 'Fifteen years with you', with maestro Daniel Matas on piano.

Throughout the week of August 22 to 28, chipioneros and visitors who pass through the historic center and the main shopping areas of the town will also have Rocío Jurado present through a series of digital prints with her image.

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