The promenade has been embellished with the painting of the balustrades and work has begun on the assembly of the walkways, in this case, with the aim that people who want to enjoy the hotels located on the beaches have the accesses enabled to be able to access them.

On the other hand, the sand is being cleaned and leveled along the entire coast so that umbrellas and hammocks can begin to be installed.

The Playas delegate explained that, although the work has been delayed due to the transport strike and the bad weather in recent weeks, the workers in her department are working hard to get everything ready.

María Naval also recalled that this year the services have been enabled since last January and that the toilets located in Cruz del Mar are already open.

It has also been advanced that the contracting process for the new railing of the Paseo de la Cruz del Mar is currently being developed, which will be made of stainless steel to prevent deterioration and offer the best image in such an important area. However, he pointed out, until it is placed, the renovation of the existing one is being carried out due to its state of deterioration.

Finally, Naval has announced that new modules will be installed and that a poster of events that will take place throughout the summer on the beaches will soon be announced.
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