Today of Hispanidad, Spain celebrates this holiday as a commemoration of the discovery of America
October 12 of each year is the date of the National Holiday of Spain, also known as Hispanic Day. 
Today is also celebrated the day of the Pillar and therefore the patron of the Civil Guard.

This holiday has been recognized as a National Holiday by law since 1987, today it is 32 years old, 
although it was already celebrated before, and was chosen as a commemoration of the day when Columbus
first arrived in the Americas in 1492.

On this day the beginning of a process of unification of the different Spanish kingdoms in a single 
crown is celebrated, as well as the moment from which a projection of the Spanish kingdom that crosses 
the boundaries of the old continent begins.

The Military Parade chaired by the King somo every year is held in Madrid on the Paseo de la Castellana.

On the day of the National Holiday of Spain there are a lot of events that make this day a day of 
celebration and festivity. The most popular and well-known act is the military parade that takes place 
every year. It is chaired by the King and the Royal Family and is attended by those responsible for the
organs of power of the state, as well as the different Autonomous Communities. The celebration in 
educational centers and embassies in addition to the military celebrations, activities are carried 
out in the different educational centers of the country. On this day many acts related to the discovery 
of America are also carried out, so the act extends to the various diplomatic offices based in the